No matter the size of your hotel, motel or resort, we can deliver on any required schedule from 24 hr turn around to weekly deliveries. Laundry Lounge Ltd. is here to service your needs. Sort, wash, dry, fold, press and package are all done on an individual customer basis by our expert staff. With our exceptional customer service, you are never left alone with any linen issue. Let us clean your towels and linens.  

Our customers enjoy the convenience, efficiency and savings of a laundry service, without the hassle of worrying about equipment purchases, staffing, supplies and maintenance of costly of machinery.

Tableclothes and Napery

Laundry Lounge cleans and presses table linens for restaurants, hotels and event planners.  All table linens are package with drapery hangers and covered in cellophane. Delivery service is always available on a scheduled basis.

At Laundry Lounge Limited, customer service is our number one priority.