Laundry Lounge Ltd. is here to help if your property has been destroyed by disaster. We are textile restoration specialists, and understand the meaning of excellent customer service.

Our textile restoration specialists handle all garments with care and consideration. We specialize in delicate textile restoration and pride ourselves on restoring your most precious items.


  • Hand sorting,
  • Tagging,
  • Assessing laundry needs,
  • Follow through with appropriate restoration procedure,
  • Garment finishing,
  • Packaging

There is no laundry emergency we cannot handle!

Fire, smoke, water, mold, bodily fluids

Laundry Lounge is equipped with the highest quality restoration chemicals that work at peak efficiency and follow a proven process.

Laundry Lounge is equipped with an Ozone Chamber to destroy any smoky odors, bacteria, mildew & mold.

Pick Up & Delivery Available